62nd Traditional Cows' Ball

The Cow's Ball is the oldest event, which was primarily meant as a holiday for locals, who, together with herdsmen and caterers celebrated the end of the tourist and grazing season.

Events in Bohinju

At home in Bohinj you can find rich and varied annual program of events. There will be something for everyone, if we only highlight some events that can not be missed: sports and entertainment events, children's festival B.O.FEjST, Active Holidays on the Countryside, International Alpine Flower Festival, Music concerts, celebrations, cultural events, Bohinj Night, Ethno weekend, Cow's Ball, Hiking and Fishing festival … and many more!

6th Cheese & Wine Festival

For years, Bohinj has been recognized for its pastures and its cheese, which is well integrated into the rich culinary offer. And because the cheese loves wine, you could not wish for a better combination at the festival.

Bohinj Night

Long tradition of a fun event that celebrates the peak of the summer season and promises a party for all generations.

Rural wedding

Rural wedding in Bohinj is a tourist-folklore event that depicts the old, traditional life habits of the inhabitants of Bohinj, among which the wedding customs have a special place. This year, we will host a real wedding, where Petruška and Boštjan are going to be married.

Nocturnal visits to one's sweethearts.

Traditional play has a long tradition in Bohinj. The event revives the old Bohinj customs of the village dating, and this year, we will also host Clash of the accordions!

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