34th Slovenian folk music festival :

34th Slovenian folk music festival

The upcoming 34th Slovenian folk music festival in Bohinj will take place on 1 May 2021 at the Danica Hall in Bohinjska Bistrica. The rich 4-hour programme of live music will give you the best experience and satisfaction . 

  • Where and when?

    Where: Dvorana Danica, Bohinjska Bistrica

    The event will be placed in the Danica Hall. The Danica Hall can host up to 800 people at the time of event. Tables and comfortable soft chairs will be available to visitors with reservations.

    Food and drinks will be avaliable in the Danica hall. Payment on the day of the event will be able with coupons, which you will be able to buy at the cash registers.

    Special offer with Juliana and Ansambel Zupan (click for PDF file)

    When: from 1.5.2021 20:00 to 1.5.2021 23:59

  • Program

    Performing ensembles at the 34th Slovenian Folk music festival in Bohinj will be: The Alpine Quintet with Wind Blower, Zupan Ensemble, Svetlin Ensemble, Die Gasgeber, Merry Swatches, Sepp Mattlschweiger’s Quintett Juchee, Banovšek Ensemble, Gregor Kobal Ensemble and Mladi korenjaki.


  • Traffic and parking

    Parking will be free of charge on the day of the event. After the event, taxi services will be available next to the hall.

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