63rd Traditional Cows' Ball |

63rd Traditional Cows’ Ball

The biggest holiday in Bohinj!

Cows’ Ball is a traditional event that was in the 1950s organised as a festive event for local people, who welcomed herdsmen and they jointly celebrated the end of the tourist and grazing season. The event is 63 years old. 
The event is attended by herdsmen and breeders who bring decorated trope of livestock from higher mountains and bring “basenga” on their shoulders – everything they need to make cheese and other things needed for life in the mountains. 
In an idyllic village Ukanc, as always, a rich program with good ensemble, folklore and music will be provided, as well as good home-made food and drinks. 
You’re kindly invited to the greatest holiday of Bohinj, which you must not miss!️


Photography: Mitja Sodja

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