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Ajdovski gradec

Ajdovski gradec is a small hill in the east of Bohinjska Bistrica, which climbs right above the river Sava Bohinjka. Access is possible from Bohinjska Bistrica and the village of Bitnje. The summit is partially overgrown, and the view opens only on the chain of Lower Bohinj mountains from Črna prst to the west, to Dobrava and to the part of Bohinjska Bistrica, in which stands the church of St. Nikolai. At the top there are benches with a table, an informative panel on archeological sites from the Iron Age and Roman times, and a plate with the verses of France Prešeren (Ajdovski gradec is mentioned in the epic-lyrical poem Krst pri Savici). Due to lush vegetation, the visit is most recommended in spring and late autumn.


(source: hribi.net)

  • Location
    Bohinjska Bistrica, Bohinjska Bistrica, Slovenija
  • Difficulty grade

    Easy marked hike. Walking time: 20 min.

  • Additional information

    In Bohinjska Bistrica we turn to the Ajdovska cesta and follow the church to the railway station where we park.

    For a few minutes we follow the path along the railway line in the direction of Bled. When we see the birch on the opposite side of the track, we carefully cross the track and start climbing towards the Ajdovski gradec. When the path becomes steep after a few steps, we follow it to the left. After about 10 minutes of walking, we reach the top.

    (source: hribi.net)

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