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Bistrica spring

Bistrica with the spring Pod Luknja is the strongest tributary of the Sava Bohinjka. The stream flowing through Bohinjska Bistrica gets water from Lower Bohinj mountains.
The Bistrica spring with its crystal-clear water is also filled with water for Bohinjska Bistrica.



  • Location
    Restavracija Zoisov Grad, Grajska ulica, Bohinjska Bistrica, Slovenija
  • Difficulty grade

    Easy marked way. Walking time: 50 min.

  • Additional information

    From the regional road Bled – Bohinj, at the exit from Bohinjska Bistrica, by the bridge, turn left and then take another kilometer to the end of the asphalt and to the direction table for the Bistrica spring.

    We continue from the parking lot in the direction of the markings (Bistrica spring). The path is moderately climbed along the forest path and after 25 minutes of walking we reach a wider macadam road, where the path splits, we continue to the right, in the direction of a poorly visible sign for the spring. Next we continue along the markings, where we get to the first waterfall, where the path is slightly difficult, because of the stream that runs along the road. Next we reach the wooden bridge, which we do not cross, but we continue straight, where the tables lead us across the footbridge. For another five minutes of walking (sometimes dangerous for slipping) we reach the Bistrica spring.


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