Excursion to Dom na Komni - TD Bohinj :TD Bohinj

Dom na Komni

The hut, which is open all year round, is located on a blurred viewpoint to the west of Bohinj Lake. The hut is beautifully visible from the lake and its nearby surroundings. In front of the hut there is a view terrace from which you can see the Lower Bohinj mountains. To view the mountains above the Triglav Lakes Valley, we must climb one minute’s hill next to the view terraces. The hut is open all year round.


Photography: Lucija Šiljar

(source: hribi.net)

  • Location
    Koča pri Savici (653 m), Ukanc, Bohinjsko jezero, Slovenija
  • Difficulty grade

    Easy marked trail. Walking time: 2h 30min.

  • Additional information

    From the parking lot under the Savica Waterfall, we orient on a wide walk path in the direction of the Savica Waterfall and Dom na Komni. Already after a short climb, the path leads us to a marked crossroads, where the right path leads to the tourist path towards the Savica Waterfall, and we continue to slightly left or. straight along a wide footpath in the direction of Komna. The way brings us to the first of the marked 48 serpentins. After an hour and a half of a moderate ascent through the forest, the path leads us to the aforementioned 48 serpentine, from which we see a beautiful view of Bohinj Lake. Here the path turns slightly to the right and passes into the valley called Pekel, where it climbs for a while, then turns to the right and again gets steep several times. After a few steps, the path turns left and climbs along the valley. Next down to the moderately steep path, it gradually turns into a more rare forest, from which we will soon see Dom na Komni. The way forward leads us past the smaller artificial cave, and also past the natural abyss, which is fenced that the hikers do not fall into it. Next, the path gets a little steeper and after a few steps of further walk leads to a crossroads, where the right turns to the Black Lake.
    We continue straight along the wide path (mulatters), which brings us just a little higher to the next crossroads. We continue to the left (the right is hut at Koča pri Triglavskih jezerih) along the path, which continues a few steep hills and after a few minutes walk you continue to the Dom na Komni.

    (source: hribi.net)

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