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Kosijev dom na Vogarju

The hut is located at the edge of the forest along the humpy meadows above Lake Bohinj. Due to the nearby forest, the view is limited and only a part of the lower Bohinj mountains can be seen. You can reach a breathtaking view only five minutes away from the viewpoint.


Photography: Nina Malej

(source: hribi.net)

  • Location
    Parkirišče Stara Fužina, Stara Fužina, Slovenija
  • Difficulty grade

    Easy marked way. Walking time: 1 h 15 min.

  • Additional information

    From the parking lot we continue along the asphalt road, which continues to the Blato pasture, the Vogar mountain and the Voje valley. Initially, a relatively steep road is quickly laid, and then it leads us to a sign indicating a crossroads.
    At the sign, we leave the asphalt road and continue the path to the left in the direction of Vogar and Pršivec. We hike first climb across the pasture, then the path passes into the forest, through which it climbs along the stone pavement. In a couple of long serpentines, we rise to a higher level, where the path is slightly laid. Just a little further, we see the markings for the monument of the National Liberation War, which is located along the beautiful viewpoint and the takeoff of the paragliders, from which we open a beautiful view of Lake Bohinj, Rudnica and Spodnje Bohinjske gore.
    From the viewpoint we return to the marked path, but this one quickly leads us to the eastern edge of the mountain Spodnji Vogar. The way forward is mostly flat across the meadows, but we are on the way we see a greater number of former shepherd’s huts, which are now mostly converted into weekends. This path, which continues to climb up steadily, follows to Kosijev dom na Vogarju, and this is achieved after a few minutes of further walking.
    From the hut you can walk 5 minutes to the nearby viewpoint, from which you can see a beautiful view of Lake Bohinj and Spodnje Bohinjske Gore.

    (source: hribi.net)

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