Rudnica - TD Bohinj :TD Bohinj


Rudnica is a mountain, located between Lower and Upper Bohinj valley. On the top there is a box with a stamp and an entry book, and we see a beautiful view of the peaks surrounding the Bohinj.


Photography: Nina Malej


  • Location
    Stara Fužina 9, 4265 Bohinjsko jezero, Slovenija
  • Difficulty grade

    Easy marked way. Walking time: 1 h 40 min.

  • Additional information

    In Ribčev Laz we continue to the right towards Stara Fužina, and we follow the road for a few hundred meters. More precisely to the intersection, where the markings for Rudnica and Peč are directed right over the bridge over the Mostnica River. Immediately after the bridge, the starting point for our trip.
    Since parking in the TNP area is allowed only at marked places, we need to park on some nearby pay or at a slightly more distant free car park.

    At the starting point we notice the signs for Peč and Rudnica, but we do not start in this direction, but immediately after the bridge over Mostnica continue left on the asphalted cycling route. The path leads us to Mostnica for a while, then we arrive at a small intersection (here we can also from the center of Stara Fužina), where we continue right in the direction of Rudnica. We continue to continue on the cycling road, but now we are walking along the viewing meadow, which hardly climbs significantly along the Ribnica stream. A little further, we arrive at the next intersection, where we leave the cycling road and continue the way to the macadam road, where we notice the signs for Rudnica. The road leads us into the shrubbery, where it turns slightly to the left, and gradually begins to climb moderately. At two consecutive intersections, continue straight ahead, and then the path from the village of Studor joins us from the left. We continue the path, which climbs partly through the forest, and partly through the viewable grassy slopes, on which there is an old cottage. Higher views of Studor and Bohinj Lake open several times, and then the path begins to climb steeply. Followed by a slightly steeper ascent and from the right we connect a marked path past Peč.
    We continue in the direction of Rudnica, and the path leads us quickly to a large meadow, where on its lower edge we see a small cottage. We continue straight through the view of the meadow, from which we open a beautiful view of Bohinj Lake. On the upper part of the meadow, the trail returns to the forest, and only a little more than a few meters is connected the marked path from the village Brod. Here we continue to the left and after a minute we continue to walk to the top of Rudnica.


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