An adventure with four-wheelers :

An adventure with four-wheelers

One of the increasingly popular adventures is also available at the Danica camp – an adventure with four-wheelers! An exciting and popular adventure on an adrenaline-fueled “off-road” experience with four-wheelers, will definitely not leave you cold. We believe that you will have a lot of fun and enjoy the beautiful surroundings in Bohinj.

  • Location
    camp Danica, Triglavska cesta, Bohinjska Bistrica, Slovenija
  • Additional information
    Kamp Danica
    Triglavska 60,
    4264 Bohinjska Bistrica, SI

    Tel.: 00386 (0)45 72 17 02

    Email: [email protected]

  • Prices


    Time of rental


    Price including VAT

    1 h

    Quad bike + 2 x helmet

    EUR 35

    3 hrs

    Quad bike + 2 x helmet

    EUR 70

    1 day (from 9:00 to 19:00)

    Quad bike + 2 x helmet

    EUR 130

    The prices are in EUR and includes VAT. We reserve the right to change prices.


    The price includes:

    • compulsory and hull insurance including 1% policy excess;
    • theft insurance;
    • driver and passenger insurance.



    • possibility of renting protective gloves: EUR 5 per rental;
    • extra cleaning of the vehicle: EUR 7;
    • payment in case of an emergency: EUR 60;
    • fuel is not included in the price;
    • deposit: EUR 200.


  • General conditions

    The rented quad bike is to be picked up by the user during the office’s opening hours.

    The quad bike shall be handed over to the user in top condition with all the accompanying equipment and the vehicle’s documents (the vehicle’s licence, a copy of the insurance policy, type approval). The user shall be responsible for the quad bike, its equipment and the documents during the rental time. In case of loss, theft or damage of the quad bike, equipment or the documents, the user shall be obliged to reimburse the rental services provider all the costs relating to the issue that is not covered with the insurance policy.

    The user shall be obliged to return the quad bike with all the equipment and the documents on the same day at the end of the rental time in the same condition that were handed over to him, with due consideration to the regular wear at the normal use of the quad bike. The vital parts of the quad bike are sealed or marked with factory numbers. Should the rental services provider find out that any of those parts is missing or has been replaced, s/he has the right to demand indemnification from the user for all caused damage and shall have the right to claim the indemnification for lost profits caused..

    The minimum duration of rental is 1 hour. If the user wants to extend the rental of the quad bike, the rental services provider must be informed at least ½ hour before the expiry of the rental period. The extension shall be approved by the rental services provider subject to availability of the quad bike. If the quad bike is returned with min. 10-minute delay, an extra hour of rental shall be charged.

    In case the user of the quad bike fails to return the vehicle within the agreed time and does not extend the rental or does not notify the rental services provider about the reasons for such delay, the rental services provider shall have the right to dispossess the vehicle from the user. The rental services provider shall also be entitled to charge extra rental costs to the user depending on the extension of the rental. In addition to charging extra hours of the rental the rental services provider shall also be entitled to charge contractual damages at a rate up to 50% of the price per hour of rental. In case the extension is not agreed and the user does not answer the phone or cannot be contacted in any other way, the rental services provider shall have the right to inform the police who shall take appropriate action. Upon signing the Contract, the user shall grant a waiver for any kind of damages in such case.

    When returning the quad bike, the user shall be obliged to notify the rental services provider on any damage or malfunctions that have occurred during the rental period. If the rental services provider finds out that documents, equipment or other vehicle components of the rented quad bike have been replaced, damaged or stolen, the rental services provider shall be entitled to a full compensation of the cost of re-establishing the vehicle’s original condition.

    Early return of the quad bike shall not be refunded for the unused time of the quad bike rental.

    The quad bike may be driven or operated by:

    • drivers over 18 years of age with a valid B or B1 category driver’s licence.

    Category B1 is a driver’s licence category that applies to quad bike driving.

    • People authorised for driving or operating the vehicle that are stated in the Contract.

    Both conditions as per the previous paragraph shall be mutually fulfilled.

    The quad bike may be ridden only with a helmet/helmets provided to the user upon quad bike rental.

    The passenger on the quad bike can only be a person over 12 years of age.


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