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Fishing on Bohinj lake

Try your fishing skills on Bohinj lake!

You can buy fishing permits for the Bohinj lake in Info Center in the village Ribčev Laz. Bohinj lake is the biggest lake in Slovenia and there are at least 16 species of fish living inside the lake.


Photography: Jože Borišek

  • Location
    Turistične informacije Ribčev Laz, Ribčev Laz, Bohinjsko jezero, Slovenija
  • Additional information

    Fishing is allowed from dawn until nightfall. Fishing permit without clearly marked date and name is invalid. Fishing is allowed with single tackle using 1 natural or an aritificial bait. Using live fish, frog, clams and maggots as bait is not allowed. Keeping live fish i nets is not allowed. Taking live fish away is prohibited and fish caught for consumption must be kept until the end of fishing. Fishing on effluents is not allowed. When the daily Bag is reached, all fishing must stop. Allowed day bag limit for chub is 5 pcs.

  • Prices

    Day permit: 30,00€

    3-day permit: 77,00€

    5-day permit: 126,00€

    7-day permit: 173,00€

    Day permit – children: 15,00€

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