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Welcome to our souvenir shop in Ribčev Laz in Bohinj, where we offer small or great attention for your love ones, which you can also devote to major events in life, birthdays, anniversaries and even for holidays. We also offer other gifts that we can decorate for free and unique to you at the time of purchase

Bohinj reading corner

Everyone who loves to read understands that there is never enough of reading. In front of you is a collection of books that reveal the mysteries and forgotten history of Bohinj, describe the flowers in Bohinj and the 4 brave men, among them there are real fairy tales under Triglav for the youngest readers. We recommend:

Clothes line with certificate Bohinjsko from Bohinj

Business gifts

We offer the choice of business gifts for different occasions.

Business gifts

Bohinjsko certified clothing line

TD cash back card

With our free TD Bohinj cash back you receive benefits on your card.

Wher you find us?

Info center Bohinj

TD Bohinj
Ribčev Laz 48
4265 Bohinjsko jezero

Tel: +386 (0)4 574 60 10
Fax: +386 (0)4 572 33 30
[email protected]

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