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By boat to the Cows’ Ball

Cows’ ball in Bohinj is the oldest event, which was mainly a holiday for the locals,who rejoiced at the end of the tourist and grazing season, all the way untilthe 1950s. Tourist Association Bohinj has been organizing the event for more than 60 years. The event is attended by herders, who bring decorated herdsof cattle from the higher mountains and bring a “basenga” on their shoulders(everything they need to make cheese and other things necessary for life onthe mountain).

In the idyllic Ukanc we always provide a rich program with an ensemble, folklore dancers and brass bands, as well as a good home-madefood and drink. Cows’ Ball is a real Bohinj holiday that you should not miss.

This year Ensemble Saša Avsenik will play.

The moderator is Klemen Bučan.

You can buy the package online at THIS LINK.

  • Where and when?

    Where: Ribčev Laz - Ukanc

    When: from 18.9.2022 10:00 to 18.9.2022 18:00

  • Prices

    adults 13,00 eur
    children from 6 to 14 years 7,50 eur
    children up to 6 years free of charge

  • Additional information

    The package includes:

    • boat ride from Ribčev Laz to Ukanc and back,
    • entrance to the cow ball and entrance to the Savica waterfall.
      You get a ticket for the Cow Ball when you buy a ticket for the boat ride.

    All tickets can be picked up at the ship’s entry point.

    For more information, contact Turizem Bohinj: e: [email protected], t: +386 (0)4 57 47 590

    or the Bohinj Tourist Association: e: [email protected], t: +386 (0)4 574 60 10