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Črna prst

On the northern slope of the Črna prst mountain, we see black soil of which the mountain got its name. Črna prst is known for its flora, which is rich in its southern and northern slopes. The peak is located in Lower Bohinj mountains above Bohinjska Bistrica. Only a few meters below the summit is the mountain hut, which is open in the summer season. At a time when the home closed to us, the emergency accommodation offers a modest bivouac.


Photography: Jošt Gantar

(source: hribi.net)

  • Location
    Kobla Žtg, Žičnice, turizem, gostinstvo, d.o.o., Bohinjska Bistrica, Cesta na Ravne, Bohinjska Bistrica, Slovenija
  • Difficulty grade

    Medium difficult marked path.

    Walking time: 3 h 40 min.

  • Additional information

    When arriving to Bohinjska Bistrica, continue from the roundabout in the direction of Soriška planina and Tolmin, then arrive at the Jelovška cesta, to the house number 10. We park somewhere nearby, best at the beginning of the former Kobla ski resort.

    From Jelovška cesta 10 we continue to the southwest, where after a few meters we notice the mountain markings for the Črna prst. From the houses the path passes on a route, after which in a few minutes climbs to the WWII cemetery from the First World War. The marked path leads to the cemetery on the right side, then leads us through a spacious lawn, where a few minutes later we connect to a slightly wider route. Continue slightly to the left, then cross the macadam road 10 meters away, where the carriage begins to climb. Higher, at the split of the pavement, we select the right route with the old markings for the Črna prst, and from it we go slightly higher once again slightly to the right on the footpath, which begins to get steep. We hike all the time with quite a few signs, then on a small sown lawn we reach the route, which we follow to the left, and after it in a few steps we reach a wider macadam road.
    When we reach the road, continue down the left side of the Črna prst mark (right old path to the Orožnova koča) and a few 10 steps lower on the marked crossroads, turn right in the direction of Črna prst and the Orožneva koča. The way forward on the right side passes the private house, and then a little further joins the route, after which we continue the ascent. A little higher, at the crossroads we continue to the right, then the path continues through the forest. A little further, the path leads us past the chalet and the cross, and then we arrive at a marked crossroads, where we continue right in the direction of Orožnova koča (left Črna prst).
    The way forward crosses the slopes slightly to the right, but in the meantime it also drops more visibly. When the descent is over, the old route connects to the right, which is somewhat shorter but officially no longer marked. Followed by walking along the forest path, where we cross some carriages, and on the marked crossroad we continue on the right track. A few minutes later we reach the forest road, which we only cut (the right Orožnova koča).
    A relatively steep climb follows through the forest, and the higher is a slightly longer path along the slope.
    We continue to the left and in a few minutes we reach the Orožneva koča na planini za Liscem.
    From the hut we continue in the direction of Črna prst, along the path that goes into the woods and which initially takes place along the botanical path. After the initial ascent, the path is quickly laid, then it climbs to the right and occasionally slides slightly. A higher botanical path turns right, and we continue along the marked path, which gradually becomes steeper, and even then it passes from the forest. The climb follows the slopes of the Črna prst, where the path becomes more rocky and for a short time it is quite steep. The path turns left, where it climbs across a rather steep slope, then the path and the slope are laid down, and a little further we arrive at the marked crossroads, where the path from the mountain for Črna prst and the path with Soriška planina meet.
    We continue to the right and ascend in a few steps to the saddle Čez Suho, from where we see a beautiful view to the south.
    Here we continue right in the direction of Črna prst and climb up and down the viewing ridge. The path is quickly laid and passes to the sunny slopes, where we can easily climb up steep grassy slopes. A little further on the path turns slightly to the right and climbs up to Dom Zorka Jelinčiča na Črni prsti.
    The house is on the left side and in a minute we steeply rise to the top of the Črna prst.
    Bohinjska Bistrica – Orožnova koča 2:20, Orožnova koča – Čez Suhp 1:05, Čez Suho – Črna prst 15 minutes.

    (source: hribi.net)

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