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Since 1947, the Bohinj Tourist Association has strived to offer the best tourist experience to all guests who visit Bohinj.

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Savica Waterfall

The warring clouds have vanished from the skies; The war of men has ended with the night. The morning sun gilds the tree heads that rise. Supreme above the Carniola's snowpeaks white. The lake of Bohinj calm in stillness lies, No sign of strife remains to outward sight; Yet in the lake the fierce pike never sleep, nor other fell marauders of the deep.


Kravji bal je najstarejša prireditev v Bohinju, ki je bila do petdesetih let predvsem praznik za domačine, ki so se skupaj s planšarji in gostinci veselili ob koncu turistične in pašne sezone. Prireditev je tako stara že 62 let. Vabljeni na največji bohinjski praznik, ki ga ne smete zamuditi!️


  • How to reach Bohinj?

    The locals say that Bohinj is at the end of the world, but it is only 25 km from Bled and is very well connected. You can reach Bohinj by car, bus, train and motorail.

  • Is public transport available in Bohinj?

    In Bohinj we recommend the use of public transport and Bohinj Mobility Card - be completely mobile without a car, since Bohinj is a member of the Alpine Pearls Association and is therefore committed to sustainable mobility and better connectivity with public transport within the Alps.

  • Is there a public Wi-Fi connection?

    In every tourist information center, you can use the Wi-Fi connection free of charge.

  • Where to park in Bohinj?

    In Bohinj we have organized parking on free and paid parking lots. We recommend buying a Bohinj Mobility Card, which enables you to park for free.

  • Can I swim in Lake Bohinj?

    Swimming in Lake Bohinj is allowed, but the use of cosmetic products is forbidden (shampooing).

  • An accident has happened – who can I contact?

    In case of an accident, call 113.

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