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Welcome at home in Bohinj

Bohinj Tourist Association

Since 1947, the Bohinj Tourist Association has strived to offer the best tourist experience to all guests who visit Bohinj.

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64th Cows’ Ball

Cows' ball in Bohinj is the oldest event, which was mainly a holiday for the locals, who rejoiced at the end of the tourist and grazing season, all the way until the 1950s. Tourist Association Bohinj has been organizing the event for more than 60 years. The event is attended by herders, who bring decorated herds of cattle from the higher mountains and bring a "basenga" on their shoulders (everything they need to make cheese and other things necessary for life on the mountain). In the idyllic Ukanc we always provide a rich program with an ensemble, folklore dancers and brass bands, as well as a good home-made food and drink. Cow Ball is a real Bohinj holiday that you should not miss.


  • How to reach Bohinj?

    The locals say that Bohinj is at the end of the world, but it is only 25 km from Bled and is very well connected. You can reach Bohinj by car, bus, train and motorail.

  • Is public transport available in Bohinj?

    In Bohinj we recommend the use of public transport and Bohinj Mobility Card - be completely mobile without a car, since Bohinj is a member of the Alpine Pearls Association and is therefore committed to sustainable mobility and better connectivity with public transport within the Alps.

  • Is there a public Wi-Fi connection?

    In every tourist information center, you can use the Wi-Fi connection free of charge.

  • Where to park in Bohinj?

    In Bohinj we have organized parking on free and paid parking lots. We recommend buying a Bohinj Mobility Card, which enables you to park for free.

  • Can I swim in Lake Bohinj?

    Swimming in Lake Bohinj is allowed, but the use of cosmetic products is forbidden (shampooing).

  • An accident has happened – who can I contact?

    In case of an accident, call 113.