Tips for safe trip to the mountains -

Tips for safe trip to the mountains

  1. We plan the hiking tour well and adapt it accordingly to our abilities and the weakest member of the group,
  2. review the literature (hiking guide) and create a timetable for the planned tour,
  3. in the case of various conditions of the sickness, we select the condition of a suitable tour and do not overdo it – it is best to consult a personal doctor,
  4. we inform the family, friends, the receptionist or host about the planned trip and predict the expected return time,
  5. we start hiking early in the morning, even during the summer months, when the temperatures are higher and the afternoon storms are more common,
  6. in the summer months it is necessary that we have enough water in the backpack,
  7. we walk only on marked paths,
  8. we must be properly equipped for mountain visits,
  9. in mountain huts and on tops, we register in the registration books,
  10. we do not leave the group and always adapt to the weakest team member,
  11. in the early summer, snowy mountains are present in the highlands, which we must be prepared for – with crampons and clefts,
  12. in the autumn time, we have to count on the fact that the day is shorter,
  13. in case of problems we call 112 immediately.


Photography: Mojca Odar

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