Goldenhorn Fairyland - TD Bohinj :TD Bohinj

Goldenhorn Fairyland

The circular trail is a fairy-like experience intended for children, that promotes learning activities in nature.

The circular trail is free of charge for individual visits – you can purchase a booklet with map and spaces for stamps. The fairy trail runs over meadows, along streams and through a forest showing the natural and cultural features of Bohinj, and offers unforgettable and wonderful encounters with nature, fairytales and outdoor games. The guided version is available for groups.

Photography: Mitja Sodja


  • Location
    Ukanc, Slovenija
  • Difficulty grade

    The circular trail is free of charge for individual visits. You can experience the Zlatorog Fairy Trail on your own, and it can take an hour or a whole day. A booklet with fairytales, a map and empty spaces for stamps, which you can collect along the way, will be your guide along this captivating trail.


  • Additional information

    You can buy a stamp collecting book at our Info Center at Ribčev Laz or at the Savica Waterfall entry point.

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