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The warring clouds have vanished from the skies; The war of men has ended with the night. The morning sun gilds the tree heads that rise. Supreme above the Carniola's snowpeaks white. The lake of Bohinj calm in stillness lies. No sign of strife remains to outward sight; Yet in the lake the fierce pike never sleep, nor other fell marauders of the deep.

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The duality of the Savica Waterfall

Unique. Mysterious in its duality. Praised in Slovenian poetry, mystical and mysterious. The spring of the largest Slovenian River, the Sava River. The Savica Waterfall is not the only waterfall in the world that can be called a dual waterfall, although this is the reason why it's so enchanting. And it's also not the only waterfall in this area - in the land of Zlatorog (Goldenhorn). Therefore, it is surely unique in other dualities that are part of its story. Visit the Savica Waterfall The waterfall springs up in the open amidst the steep wall of Komarča and then elegantly in two sections drops 78 down into the green water basin. The Savica Waterfall is one of a kind - each drop is doubled and creates the most unique natural phenomenon in the world. The Savica Waterfall is twice more unique. Why?
Experiences of nature

The Savica waterfall is a Gorenjska symbol of the romantic experiences of nature and a starting point for several mountain trails

How to get to Savica Waterfall?

Footpath, from the Hotel Zlatorog (about an hour walk to the parking lot under Savica Waterfall) By car or by bus, on a paved road to the parking place near Koča pri Savici By bike, by foot or by asphalt road

More information

To visit the waterfall, there is a fee, that needs to be paid. Additionally, we provide facilities such as a shop and toilet. The route to the waterfall is of moderate length and usually takes around 20-25 minutes to complete.

Where to find us?

Savica Waterfall
4265 Lake Bohinj

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  • How far is to the Waterfall Savica?

    From Ljubljana, the Savica waterfall is located 90 km away. From Bohinj Lake (Ribčev Laz) to the parking lot under the Savica Waterfall you need about 15 minutes (9 km) with personal transport. If you go a walk to the waterfall, your journey from Ribčev Laz will take about 2 hours and a half in one direction.

  • Can we reach the waterfall by car?

    By personal or public transportation, you can reach the parking lot under the waterfall, then you must continue by foot. For now, it is not possible to get to the waterfall with a baby stroller or wheelchair.

  • Is there an entrance fee for Savica Waterfall?

    To visit the waterfall, there is an entrance fee which is used for maintaining the route. Entrance fee payment is possible only with cash or vouchers for groups. There are no family tickets, but children up to 6 years old have free access, while older children and adults pay the fee according to the valid pricelist. Groups with advanced announcement are welcome and have a discounted price. The entrance for a guide and a bus driver is free of charge. You can take dogs to the waterfall free of charge, but they must be on a leash.

  • Can I see Savica waterfall in the winter time?

    The path to the waterfall is cleared in the winter, insofar as the weather conditions allow it. If the trail is not cleared, the passage is at your own risk.