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Cheese & Wine and Cows’ Ball

The biggest holiday in Bohinj!

Cows’ Ball is a traditional event that was in the 1950s organized as a festive event for local people, who welcomed herdsmen and they jointly celebrated the end of the tourist and grazing season. The event is 64 years old. 

Cheese and wine, what more can we wish for?

Since Bohinj is the home of Bohinj cheese, and because cheese goes well with wine, this year we are organising the Cheese and Wine Festival. Bohinj has been known for its cheese and the traditional Cows’ Ball for many years.

Cheese, various dishes and wine will be available for tastings, and products from regular sales of cheeses and winemakers will also be offered. Caterers will provide specialties that contain cheese and other milk products.

Photography: Mitja Sodja
  • Where and when?

    Where: Ukanc



    When: from 18.9.2022 10:00 to 18.9.2022 10:00

  • Program

    Programme is being prepared.

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