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Walking along the lake to the Savica waterfall

The path leads across meadows of the Fužina Field to the north side of Bohinj Lake. It continues along the lake shore, from where there is a wonderful view of the southern wreath of the Julian Alps, past the fish farm and under the Govic waterfall, which excites only with heavy rainfall. In the village of Ukanc, the path starts to climb and after an hour of a climbing ascent, we reach the edge of the famous Komarča, where we lead the way down the stairs to the mighty Savica waterfall.


Photography: Mitja Sodja

  • Location
    Slap Savica, Bohinjsko jezero, Slovenija
  • Difficulty grade

    An easy marked path along the north coast of Bohinj Lake, which continues in the village of Ukanc along the forest path to the Savica waterfall. At the end of the trail, stone steps are waiting for you to climb in 20-25 minutes. The whole hike from Ribčev Laz on the north side of Bohinj Lake to the Savica waterfall takes approximately two and a half hours in one direction.

  • Additional information

    The trip includes:

    -Entrance ticket for Savica Waterfall
    -Water 0,5 l
    -Panoramic map of Bohinj

    The path to the Savica Waterfall is open the whole year, except in the periods of bad weather, ice and snow.

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  • Prices

    Price for adults: 9,00 EUR
    Price for children 7-14 years: 7,00 EUR
    Price for children up to 6,99 years: free

  • General conditions

    Accident insurance is included in the Savica waterfall entry fee.
    Discounts exclude from each other.
    The price list is valid from 1 January 2016 onwards.
    Prices are in EUR and include VAT.
    We reserve the right to change prices without prior notice!

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